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3 Reasons Why No-Code Development Platform Becomes a Digital Transformation Solution

In the digital transformation era nowadays, the need for digitalization is very crucial for companies to remain competitive, regardless of the industry. The need for software also increases along with the need for digitalization in business operations. Unfortunately, for enterprises, several problems arise from the demand of software development. Some of the common problems are the limited number of digital talent available, the high cost of software development, and the length of time it takes to create applications that meet industry needs.


4 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Apps for Your Business

In the digital transformation era, mobile applications have been widely used in various business sectors. Based on a survey from data.ai, smartphone users in Indonesia downloaded 7.31 billion applications during 2021. It means that more than 13 thousand applications are downloaded every minute.


4 Benefits of a Warehouse Management System for Your Retail

Warehouse management plays an important role in supply chain management and influences the company's success, especially in the retail sector. Even so, managing a warehousing system that requires a series of processes is not easy. Fortunately, digitization makes the process of stock management processes to transactions easier with an integrated system through a warehouse management system.


5 Applications Needed After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that has happened since the beginning of 2020 has changed many aspects of human life in various aspects, from lifestyle to how they can adapt. Activities that were regularly done directly, such as work, study, shopping, and other activities, have had to undergo changes over the past two years. The ability to adapt to this new life order is also one of the important things to remain relevant to the changes that occur. According to data from Fortune, 94% of Fortune 1000 Companies were negatively affected due to the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them cannot survive because they cannot keep up with the changes.


3 Reasons Your Business Needs an E-Commerce App

People's interest in online shopping is increasing. The shift in shopping habits from direct shopping to online is influenced by various factors, one of the factors is the restriction of physical activity during the COVID-19 period, making people more comfortable to do online shopping. In addition, the convenience felt when online shopping is also believed to encourage a shift in the current transaction habits of Indonesian people.


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